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Safety, marketing, and branding tips for a newly-reopened world.

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family outing customize shirt for travel


Safety tips for service providers & tradespeople

Whether in customer homes or
on the go, here's how to
operate safely.


Low Sales? Let Transfer it Help!

Strong identity is one of the core

elements of every  successful business


Family Outing after a Pandemic?

Strong identity is one of the core

elements of every  successful business


Why Business Card still Matter?

In this Day and Age -where everyone

has smartphones and all information

can be shared thru the internet


Why Transfer it! Embroidery?

Computerized embroidery is perfect

in making complicated designs and patterns

It's time for small business owners (like you) to get back to business.

As a product, marketing, and information partner for small business owners all over the world, Transfer It! is here for you, with tools and resources designed to help you succeed.

Here, you'll find everything you need to get back to work - like information on reopening in a safe way (and communicating this to customers) and starting to market your business again.

Because you're more than a hairdresser / restaurateur / shop owner / landscaper / esthetician / dog walker / stylist / barista / wedding planner / personal trainer...

Everything you

need to get back

to business

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As the partner for small businesses in the Philippines, Transferit is here for you - with tools and resources to help you succeed. We've created this Back to Business Guide to provide you with easy-to-understand information about getting back to work, post-COVID-19. This advice comes from trusted resources like OSHA and AIHA. You should check with legislation in your community to ensure that your operations are compliant with local laws and guidelines.

*Not a medical device or personal protective equipment (PPE)

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