The Beauty of Branding

Branding is all the visual elements of a company, as perceived by the consumer. This branding includes visual elements such as  design, symbols and colors that work together to create a strong identity. The brand is the frontline of any company because this speaks volume about its core values, beliefs and advocacies. An established brand or corporate identity is important because it provides customers with trust that will eventually become company loyalty.

Advantages of corporate uniforms in Branding objectives

With this in mind, Transfer It! believes that consumers can make an instant connection of trust to a brand’s identity through the use of effective business wear. Brilliant for company’s awareness, strong branding on uniforms is also successful for advertising.


Providing corporate uniforms for employees will lift morale, pride and determination among the employees: from top management to grass roots.


In addition to this, Implementing a company-wide work clothes policy will create authority, responsibility and instant professionalism.

Shirt printing transfer it

Embroidery vs. Heat Press vs. Silk Screen vs. Sublimation

The question is, what kind of T-shirt printing should you use or is more applicable for your uniforms?


Maybe you are asking yourself “Should I choose embroidery, heat press, silk screen or Sublimation for my project? What are the differences between the four?”


It is our goal to help you come up with a decision and option that will work best for you.


Embroidery Defined


Embroidery is when a garment has a logo or design stitched into the fabric.

It is created by looping threads through the fabric to make textured blocks of colour and designs.


Benefits of Embroidery


Embroidery is perfect for the thicker fabrics that are more densely woven together. It is considered as one of the most durable type of tshirt printing and last longer compare to screen printing and heat press. It can withstand the the test of time for sure! 

Polo shirt uniform.png
poloshirt uniform

Heat Press

Heat Press Defined


Heat Press or Heat Transfer is when a garment has a logo or design transferred onto the fabric. This is caused by heat press machine creating a combination of heat and pressure to transfer each vinyl color of the design onto the object being printed, leaving a similar result as screen printing.


Benefits of Heat Transfer Printing:


Heat Press has lower cost, especially when done in bulk.


It can also accommodate complicated, detailed or colorful designs.


It works well with bigger designs. In this case big is definitely better.


This is ideal and can be used for most fabric types.

Polo shirt uniform.png

Silk Screen Printing

Screen Printing Defined


Screen printing involves application of ink-blocking stencil to a nylon mesh or screen. The stencil will have ink, which is in liquid form. You will then take the stencil and transfer it to the fabrics and voila!! you've got your t-shirt.


Benefits of Screen Printing


Silk screen printing is cost effective if you have large or bulk projects. It doesn't have any size limitation like other methods of printing.


Another things is it produce bright fabric with a better soft-feel on the hand. Fabric produced through silk screen method tend to be really durable and can endure roughness from any washing machine.

Silkscreen printing service
Silkscreen printing service
Silkscreen printing service

Dye - Sublimation Printing

Dye-sublimation Printing Defined


Dye-sublimation printing is a process wherein a dye-sublimation printer uses heat to change the liquid dye into gas which then permeates onto fabric. The ink then, as it changes to gas, becomes part of the garment which serves as its printed design.


Benefits of Dye-sublimation printing


This kind of printing can accommodate full colored images. There are unlimited colors to choose from! It also offers full customization. There are no plates needed, so it is best for customized designs, with details like numbers and names.

full sublimation printing service

Other Determining Factors

Besides all the details we have mentioned above, these are the other factors and variables that you need to take into consideration in deciding which type of printing should you choose for your corporate t-shirts:


Durability: Embroidery will last as long as or longer than the garment itself, usually, but does your job role or industry need it to? What if it's just a promo weekend or you work in a job which wears out clothing at a rapid rate?


Cost Effectiveness: Some techniques cost more than others and the price changes depending on the size of your order.


Color Matching: Will you need a specific color for your artwork? Will the standard colors look right on the color of t-shirt you choose?  Is your design full colored or does it require many colors?


Detail Level Of Artwork: Some designs might be better suited to a particular customization type - but does that technique work on the type of fabric you like?


Fabric Suitability: And always remember that certain garments can only use certain printing techniques and others suit certain techniques over others.

Transfer It! Printing Solution: 

The good news is, Transfer It! offers these 4 kinds of printing. We do Embroidery, Heat Transfer, Dye-sublimation and Screen Printing! We are a printing solution company which means you can talk to us about your projects and requirements and we can give you the best option for your need. We have been in the business for more than a decade now which gives us the edge in T-shirt printing industry.


You can contact us on the following details for more information, inquiries and for more details. You can also visit any Transfer It! branch near you! Our sales personnel and customer service representatives are well-trained to assist you with your concerns.

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